they beat glasgow rangers

lucky for me, in the middle of this frikkin hectic schedule, I got my day off at saturday, which means this is a day of football. So me and some of the guy from the class decided to search information about football game nearby, and fortunately we found a game will take place that day in Edinburgh, between the homeside “Heart of Midlothian” versus “Glasgow Rangers”.

I’m a big fans of football, especially with English Premier League, I still looking forward to watch EPL match, though it will be very difficult in term of timing and distance I have to travel in order to do so. And the match I am about to watch is Scottish Premier League, not very popular in Indonesia, except those two teams from Glasgow, Rangers and Celtic that always dominate the league year by year.

good opportunity I think, despite the fact that I dont know anything about the homeside, but I know some player from Rangers. moreover, regardless the game itself, I just want to feel the joy and cheer inside a football stadium, this is my first time watching a football game live in the stadium.
so we went there, the stadium called Tynecastle Stadium, well not very big, but still better than any stadium I know in my country :D. since I only know glasgow rangers, of course I was guessing rangers would win.

I took this picture at half time break


but the fact was different, the homeside took a quick lead 2-0 just after 30 minutes, and the crowd inside the stadium gone crazy. they sang, raise their hand, hugging at each other while I can not believe rangers could be beaten so easily. I though they were stronger than this…!!! they played so monoton, not entertaining at all. they managed to scored a goal though, so the final score was 2-1 to the homeside.

Ranger's Pedro Mendez took his change to score a goal


and these are some moments captured during the game

we beat glasgow rangers...!!!!

we beat glasgow rangers...!!!!

Tynecastle Stadium

Tynecastle Stadium

corner kick

corner kick


6 thoughts on “they beat glasgow rangers

  1. @ Oky

    lumayan sih, kemaren mau nonton tapi disuruh nunjukin paspor..bete banget..akhirnya main ke traditional market aja hehe

    @ mangga

    wah pengen banget tuh, liat MU dibantai Chelsea live….tapi jadwalnya ga pas hehe

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