taking of pelham 123…SUPER COOL

good movie

good movie

I just watched this movie once, and definitely I will watch it again..and again.

for the first reason of course personally I like this kind of action hijacking movie, with some scenes of intelligence conversation and nice smooth plot. second reason would be these characters that I found interesting and being played by experts like John Travolta as the stressed out bad guy and Denzel Washington as a common citizens who works for subway train controller but trapped in a unexpected situation and then push him to be a somewhat hero.

moreover, I think this movie does’nt utilize a lot of computer effects, that somehow draws an opinion of “making sense”. John Travolta (Ryder) has not yet disapoint me when he plays as the villain, as in Swordfish and Face off…

unfortunately when I watched this movie in DVD, the subtitle does not comply 100% with actual conversation, and since my english is not that good, I could’nt catch the whole detailed idea T_T ,even after I used my earphone to hear it.

well…after all I think this movie shall be one of my favs, but not exceed my fond on The Dark Knight or Bourne Ultimatum of course đŸ˜€


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