burn for you

Superman Is Dead

Superman Is Dead

this is a very good song I like so much so that I can not fight the temptation to put the lyrics in my blog.

SID or Superman Is Dead is a punk rock band originated from Bali Indonesia – which is my hometown – and considered as a band who brings such a breakthrough style to Indonesian music. with no disrespect to other Indonesian punk rock band, I think SID has gone international and for me, they play a really skillful matter of music.

one of my favs song from SID is Burn for you, sang together with VJ Tinka for the female vocal, somehow I feel this song is calmly extraordinary, so I put the lyric below, and as most of SID songs, their lyrics actually mean something, but being brought in a bit non-explicit way of saying, therefore sometime people can not understand the focus of the lyric 😀 . but anyway, this song remains as a one kind of art, I can enjoy it so much 🙂

It’s been a while, we sat here with a glass of wine
We don’t seem much happier today
It’s hard to talk
When to look at you in the eye
Don’t you know?

I have so many things i wanna say
I got a story of million years
But in my head it hurts so much couldn’t understand it
Try to change who i am today
Have enough just to hurt you more
Baby all i wanna do, is burn for you

Baby burn, burn, burn for you
No matter when the sun goes down
All the things i need to say, i’ll say it when i’m burning
Burn, burn, burn for your love
It’s worth it in the name of god
The strongest words from my own heart
I wonder if it’s too late now!

Across the line, between love and hate we thru
Gave so much for me to think about
I found it’s hard, to put all my trust in you
Don’t you know?

You’ve hurt me so much i couldn?t say
You’ve blamed me for things i didn’t do
Don’t even know that i cook you breakfast in the morning

And when you’re drunk baby you don’t care
This is a game i don’t wanna play
You’re breaking my heart into a thousand piece


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