Beside – My Black Diary

yes…oh yes…I am a fan of this band…BESIDE, an Indonesian metal band which has such serious matter of playing music.

and after searching for a while on the net, finally I found the lyrics of my most favorite song out of their album, the song titled My Black Diary:

For a half of my life,
You brought me to the darkness side
Living in the most darkness fear
I am blinded by my weakness

Dying in the most torturing pain
It sheep beneath my skin
Stuck inside my broken soul

I am too damaged to be heal
And you’re too dead to be conscious
then I lost in a shattered dreams of being with you

Standing in the most sacred place.
Watched me suffering half to death
Sedated with thousand promises
But it never coincide

These see thing anger,
Got me feel with desire to hurt you
It’s a great way to end your life
Lead you to the oblivion

Reff : I’m running as fast as I can and never looked back
Carrying my deepest sorrow away from you

*yeah…hate is on the air


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