Coffee..and more coffee please

Oh yeah, I am a coffee lover, though often people say that, it is dangerous to consume coffee too much, but actually I don’t care *everything is dangerous if it goes too much, isn’t it?*

And as a coffee maniac, I’ve tasted various types of it, in so many different places to have coffee as well.

You name it, what would be the place to have coffee? *as in Indonesia* Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Excelso, The Coffee Bean, Black Canyon, Kopi Luwak, Bakoel Koffie, and so on and so on.

So hereby in this post, I try to appraise those delicate coffees I had before, not to be used as reference, just a list of coffee I consider as high quality. Noted that I am not ordering the quality in numbering them, so number one is not numero uno, all of the list below are numero uno

1. Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks

So this one kind of coffee is definitely the type I drink the most, whether hot or cold *but mostly hot*. I just fall in love with the combination of coffee that comes from a single shot espresso, blended *not really blended like blended* with caramel syrup. Moreover those high performer baristas from Starbucks has never let me down just yet. I have tried the same Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks in Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Bangkok, even in Scotland, it tastes the same. Well done..!!

2. Caramel Macchiato from Excelso

If I said in the point before that, Starbucks is doing really well in maintaining flavor consistency, if I evaluate from standalone flavor perspective, then Excelso is serving a better taste of Caramel Macchiato –please don’t generalize it people, at least better in my tongue 😛 –

When I swallowed that little cup of hot Macchiato, it was just surprised me. A barely perfect liquid combination of coffee and sweet, so that I regret why the coffee was served in (only) a little cup. They also had done a kind of artistic layout at the top of it, unfortunately I don’t have any picture for this. High quality!! I experienced Excelso so far in Bali and Bandung only.

3. Espresso Doppio from Bali Bakery

When you read “Bali Bakery”, it might sound local, eh? Apparently it is, Bali Bakery is a cake shop in Bali *so obvious*, but even if it’s a bakery, I came there to order coffee *so obvious yet again*. I didn’t know why in the world was I ordered for an Espresso Doppio (double shot espresso, my friend), to be proven that now I don’t regret it, because this is the best espresso I’ve ever had. The side effect always not good though, I didn’t feel sleepy for nearly a one-and-half days :D.

4. Any coffee from Black Canyon at Discovery Mall, Kuta Bali

Unfair 😀 , if previously I wrote based on coffee-type specific point of view, this time I based my opinion on place-to-have-coffee specific. But believe me, this place – Black Canyon at Discovery Mall in Kuta – is truly magnificent. Situated at a back of a Mall, the place has a line of sight to a part of Kuta Beach, so you will have a perfect view of the shore. Having a coffee in this kind of place, especially if we are lucky enough to catch up with sunset panorama, is a dream comes true indeed. Whenever I go back home to Bali, I have my time to visit this place. So whatever coffee, it does’nt really matter.

5. Café Late at Bakoel Koffie

I visited this place just a couple days ago, with some of my besties, and I picked randomly for a hot Café Latte. Guess what, it was very good. As it goes with the name, a latte will *somewhat* render a taste of the coffee under the taste of the latte/milk, that’s why I consume latte not so often. But of all the latte I consumed so far, this one is the best :).

that is all folks for now, but I guarantee you that the list will be added, as I go from one place to another, of course to have the same beverage. hehehe peace…


6 thoughts on “Coffee..and more coffee please

  1. wahahaha…kalo espresso si emang biangnya kopi, tuan…

    jenis2 coffee kayak capuccino, Latte..itu semua juga pake single shot espresso..cuman dicampur en diencerin..jadi ga terlalu kental hehehe..

    wah…baru single shot aja uda mumet tho pak, coba yang doppio tuh, double shot…aku aja sampe ga tidur satu setengah hari 😀

    ayoo ada yang tau tempat kopi yang rekomended..??

  2. Kalo di Bali harus coba Kopi Bali House yg ada di Sanur atau Toko Bhineka Jaya di Jl.Gajahmada Denpasar .. this is the best coffee in Paradise Island.

  3. Dude, wah coffeeaddicts banget loe wwkwkkw sip sip sipppp
    ada tempat ngopi recommended..warkop giras behhh remang2 gan kopi maknyuzzz wkwkkwk

    mampir gan k rmh maya ane

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