Starbucks getaway spot

heey.. I’ve found a new hidden place just right here in the south of Jakarta, actually the place itself is a coffee place (coffee, as usual :D) and apparently a very well known one, the Starbucks.

but one thing that make this place somewhat special for me, is the place where it is located. if so far I found Starbucks coffee shop at Malls, or at the 1st floor of office buildings, airports, or several other public places, this one is quite different. notwithstanding its place that is still located on the main road in Pejaten area (just right across the Pejaten Village), but the figuring of the place is a bit awkward (like when the first time I saw that Starbucks sign hanging above the sidewalk, I said to myself  “Starbucks in here..? are you freaking serious..?”).

just check this pic and tell me what do you have in your mind after seeing this:


i mean, just look at that, there is a banner of Starbucks, but the place is actually located at 2nd floor, and its not really easy to be seen from the road

hidden place 🙂

view from sidewalk

see what I am talking about..?

so I went there to answer my curiosity, on a treat from a friend (yippie..!!), just to find out that the place is cozy and nice..had a problem in finding the right entrance door actually 😀  (the entrance door will make you think that you’re entering your home from your own backyard rather than entering a public place :P) but shortly after entering through, now I know this is a Starbucks for real LOL

with a Grande-sized amazing Caramel Macchiato in hand, now I said to myself that I’ve found a new getaway spot, this place gave me a sensation of anti-crowd, feel like being in home back at my hometown in Denpasar Bali. outside there is a nice terrace spot as well, but since the weather in Jakarta is hot like inside of an oven lately, me and my friends decided to stay inside

view from inside 🙂

well, definitely I will go back here again, for the place is tempting me a lot and of course because I am a big fans of coffee….


2 thoughts on “Starbucks getaway spot

    • oh is that so…how pity.

      are there anything that can justify your opinion ? no mean to confront, just want to know more boleh kan hehe..

      salam kenal anyway … main2 terus kesini ya

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