telco vs internet, conflicting or complementing

gw tertarik sama pembahasan yang terjadi di media twitter (diskusi kok di twitter :p), soal teknologi internet dan industri telekomunikasi.. “will internet kill telco business“, “should a telco operator radically change its business to internet“, or “whether the internet should stay only as the ‘pipe’ /contact channel for telco operator in running the business“. open question yang digulirkan oleh teman gw Puput Hidayat yang mari kita doakan bersama supaya bisa ngambil master di negeri Belanda sana 🙂

technology is converging in a very rapid way, including a trend of converging internet – Telecommunication – TV Broadcast. I remember clearly about this converging thing when i was still in undergraduate degree in ITB, I specifically remember about lecturer’s concept for a single integrated technology consist of Internet, Telecommunication, and TV Broadcast, unfortunately I cant upload the figuring in this post, though currently this “converged technology” has already being a generic concept, as one of below picture indicted in form of roadmap

source: China Daily

so if there exist such question as will internet kill telco operator then it wont be valid in upcoming years when next generation technology appears to see internet and Telco as one. on the other hand, the telco operator shall change the way of its business process by leveraging internet to the business in order to gain revenue. Telco Operator is no longer able to rely on selling basic services like GSM Phone or SMS as the market (including in Indonesia) begins to get saturated. Therefore other services like Value Added Service (VAS), RBT, or hand-held specific services (Iphone, Blackberry, etc) are being developed to jack-up operator’s income and as a direct consequences, Telco operator is now agile to enter various type of markets.

as some simplified ideas, Telco operator may follow these to stay engage with the competition

  1. Increase Basic services Revenue from existing customer
  2. Grow wireless broadband
  3. Scale up Content and VAS services
  4. Grow new market potential

hoooah, guess what..I dont really have crystal-clear idea about what I write here 😀

the founding or GPRS marks an important milestone for multimedia industry that enable wireless telephony network to exchange packet data within the network. just put an eye on how GPRS made Telco operator launch various kind of new services and offers. as well as 3G technology that enable video-based packet data to be served in wireless telephony.

I mean…the conclusion is, Telco operator does not need to radically change the business to internet, as internet will –slowly but sure– integrate its technology and capabilities to be leveraged by any other mature technology, such as telecommunication or TV broadcasting industry. 😀


3 thoughts on “telco vs internet, conflicting or complementing

  1. hehehe… doa di paragraf pertama itu semoga dikabulkan oleh Allah 🙂

    And about that open question, just discuss the topic this morning with my team mate and boss. The conclusion is: “internet itu suatu keniscayaan” (I use my boss exact phrase here), now or later, we have to move to internet service, or our customer will fly away and worst, we become dumb-pipe.

    Nest question will be, how we can jump to internet service business when our business mindset still in the traditional telco 1.0 model? how we transform ourselves? and Will we fight head to head with giants like Google, Yahoo or other internet-based company? or should we collaborate with them?

    Hehe… seems like I get my next asignment… 🙂

    NB: there’s nothing wrong with discussion on twitter :p

  2. kalo telco cuman jadi dumb-pipe, berati semuanya cloud-computing yak, berati vendor cuman jadi cem isp .. trus mo kemanain teknologi kaya ngn infrastructure 😀

  3. @ puput : Godspeed my friend, you’re in e very good track to develop yourself 🙂 and you’re under the right supervision as well ^_^

    @ ds : cloud computing memang mengemuka akhir2 ini, karena semua juga udah bisa di-virtualisasi sekarang, tapi inget..!!! cloud computing itu sampe cuman bisa dilakukan di level server-storage, kalo buat back-end system, tetep dibutuhin infrastructure yang mature dan banyak..hehe jadi NGN development jelasnya masi punya ruang untuk masa depan yang lebih cerah 😛

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