Toy Story 3

just like all the good old times of summer every year, new movies are being released to cinemas all around the world, including in Jakarta. same thing happened in summer of 2010 where some sequels of well known movies are “now playing” for summer.

i like to highlight Toy Story 3. Why? because I refer to rating provided in IMDB website and to be precise I always monitor their IMDB top 250 chart to have a quick thought on how good the movie is. so far nevertheless I think that The Dark Knight (that was released in 2008) is the greatest movie of 2000-2010 decade, backed up as well by rating in IMDB’s list.

I still believe that no movie would surpass The Dark Knight until the end of 2010, but summer 2010 some movies has different result in the chart. I was more than surprised to know that Toy Story 3 got the same rating as Dark Knight, and as the result of that: overwhelming the rank of Dark knight by 3 places in the rank list. D’oh, got a wrong prediction.

The movie itself ? Toy Story 3 is AMAZING, at least it’s one of the very few movies that can make me applausing at the end of the show, before leaving the theater. I remember the scene when grown-up Andy (the name of owner of the toys) handover all his toys to a little girl, since Andy is going to’s so touching I got crushed. And also when the Buzz Lightyear speaks Spanish (it was being pulled back to its factory setting), it was so hilarious 😀

A lot of moral of the story I can conclude, and amazingly it came from an animation movie. The movie illustrates the interaction between human and toys from toy’s perspective (as it even exists, well…it does’nt, but it was illustrated with good approach). I believe that kids out there will value their toys more after seeing this movie…hihihi…

uh oh, I have to say that Toy Story 3 made me give a wrong prediction about “no movie will surpass the The Dark Knight in IMDB top 250 list till the end of 2010” but since it is good movie, I dont mind at all.

just got another update from the list, that some movie-creature called “inception” is now at the 3rd position of IMDB top 250, therefore surpassing dark knight and toy story 3… I wonder how good the movie is. anybody watched it already?


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