university rank based on web?

just for sharing my opinion,

there are  some methodologies to determine university rank around the world, whether it will be based on academic peer review, so forth being collaborated with other factors to create an objective methodology, like the one used by topuniversities, I think its a good approach. But one method that catch my attention the most is world university rank by web, taking into account the fact that web publication can represent the “visibility” and “global performance” of a university.

webometrics on its website stated that the aim is:

The original aim of the Ranking was to promote Web publication. Supporting Open Access initiatives, electronic access to scientific publications and to other academic materials.

well…that is not bad at all, if you continue to read the methodology at webometrics link, they assume web presence show professors and researchers activities. The web will not only cover academic journals, but also informal scholarly communication. Positive implication from the existence of this kind of ranking will be the addition of motivation for both institution and scholars in the world to continue “promote” and open their activities on the web, therefore ease the accessibility and information querying across all academical institution.

but basically I (personally) think that no methodology will be objective enough to make a rank among universities/institutions, it is just… can’t be done…because there will be no standardized parameter to do it. Different case for Junior/Senior High School, we can easily make a standings amongst them by using numerical parameter which is National Test (bahasa : Ujian Nasional itu lhoo 😛 ). For University, the comparable parameters would become abstract and prone to subjectivity.

back to webometrics thingy, for Indonesia’s country rank (as per July 2010), Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) make its way (easily?) to top the standings, at the same time being at 569th position worldwide. Universitas Gadjah Mada sits on 2nd position (611st worldwide), and Universitas Indonesia (UI) complete Indonesia’s top three standings (789th worldwide). The other rank (based on different methodology) as far as I know only rolling the position between the top three mentioned above. sometimes UGM at the top, sometimes UI at the top, and so on.

OK, conclude now that webometrics has something to offer us with, however all these rank does not completely represent the reputation, and hence shall not be the only consideration for kids that are about to choose his/her university 😀

speaking of which, I graduated from ITB, of course webometrics rank made me proud (yet still…not that proud). Hey I have some photos from ITB campus in Bandung:

me and friends at ITB


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