its everybody’s land…its Dreamland

have you ever heard about Bali, Indonesia?

it is an island located around equatorial line, and since Indonesia (includes Bali, not vice versa..LOL) is an archipelago country, it has a long sea line/beaches. I happened to have Bali as my hometown, since I was born there and grew up there. lately I was going back to Bali from the place where I work for a Eid Fitri Holiday, spent some time with my family, and went to my fav beach, the DREAMLAND πŸ™‚

ah it was so crowded, so many domestic tourist playing around at dreamland. geographically Dreamland is a beach with a medium height cliff at its shore, however, Dreamland still has some portion of sands layout, so when you get to the area of sand, you will be trapped between water in front of you and cliff behind you. I believe this is why they call it Dreamland, though it sounds hyperbolic …hahaha

pictures will tell you better about this place πŸ™‚

cliff and water

nice portrait of the beach

i went there with my family in full package πŸ™‚

mi familio

this place amazed me so much, love the ambience. Unfortunately I did not get to wit the sunset because of clouds, I wonder how gorgeous it would be. I emphasize this post for photos instead of writing, so below is some of scenes captured by my “high-end-if-you-can-use-it-or-if-the-light-is-sufficient” camera from my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.




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