simple review : Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Compliments wont be enough to describe this book, this is a book about some possible ‘backgrounds’ behind story of success people.

i adore Malcolm Gladwell on how he links several facts and data he brought to form an argument about success reasoning. Those facts he elaborated in Outliers are facts that, other people wont ever think before. For example, he describes how the date of birth affects the success of athletes, and as well as his theory about ethnic factor that affects airplanes accidents. This book is overwhelmingly enlighten, researches and studies mentioned herein this book are truly mind opener, invites the reader to see and explore new perspective of rationale behind success stories. So SMART..!!

one part of Outliers that attracts me the most is about ‘10.000 hours rule’ which stated that if we want to be expert or specialized in one subject matter, we will have to spend 10.000 hours to do so 🙂 . I kinda regret though, because I bought the translated version of Outliers (in Bahasa Indonesia), I think it would be better for me to have the book on its original transcript in English LOL..

anyway, I would recommend this one. Although up until now I don’t know how to categorize this book as: is it ‘science non-fiction’? or ‘research result non-fiction’? or ‘biography of success people’? or whatever… difficult to describe, but delicate to be read 😀


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