INDONESIA..!!! garuda di dadaku

this post is to show how proud I am of my football national team of Indonesia (Timnas Indonesia), that even though was only being the runner up of recently held AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, but nevertheless the result, their playing was awesome

years and years watching Indonesia national team, I say this is the most tireless and relentless ever, they will not stop chasing the ball before the final whistle being blown, and one thing that important, THEY NEVER LOSING FAITH..!!

I happened to be watching the football match live from the stadium twice throughout AFF cup, once at semifinal against the Philippines and the final match against Malaysia. Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) was always packed with fanatic (but polite and fair) Indonesian spectators, at least about 80.000 of them, roaring inside the stadium for Indonesia.

the shout: INDONESIA….INDONESIA..!!! all the time, when the anthem was played, everybody sang, it was a tremendous ambience. it was hot inside the stadium due to so many people inside, but for watching timnas live, they –including me– did not pay a lot of attention to the weather, we were completely blended in the euforia.

the view of GBK from where I watched


one moments that I can not forget is at the 2nd semifinal match againts the Philippines, when Christian Gonzales struck a wonderful goal with a classy kick, I literally could not control myself, it was hot, I was thirsty, but I jumped and shouted and screamed as loud as I could and put my hands in the air, GOOOOOOLLL …… I barely lost my voice šŸ˜€

the stadium was vibrating, and it happened for quiet a while. at the very moment after the goal, all I could hear was the scream, and nothing else. all I could see was people jumped and hands in the air (even I could not see the football field since people ahead of me jumped high)

what an experience, I am sure that this timnas Indonesia is having a great future, of course if they can maintain discipline, focus, and of course keep their heads down.


One thought on “INDONESIA..!!! garuda di dadaku

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