Logo SEA Games 2011

SEA Games will again take place in 2011, to be specific will be held during November 2011, in two cities of Indonesia: Palembang (South Sumatra) and Jakarta.


the logo for this 26th southeast Asian biggest sports tournaments will be GARUDA, the symbol of the Republic of Indonesia. this one is cool though, Garuda represent the visualization of strenght, while its wings draw glory and splendor. the main host will be Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra, along with Jakarta as co-host.

last time SEA Games was held in Indonesia at 1997, as well it was the last time Indonesia triumph the tournament. This time, Indonesian government seems very serious and ambitious to bring the championship throne back to Indonesia. Some sport disciplines of course will get a lot of attention such as Badminton and Men Football, especially because the euforia from AFF Suzuki Cup has just passed and surely left some marks to Indonesian spectators, Timnas Indonesia at SEA Games will surely bear a high expectation. And Indonesia will be hosting the tournament… ini kandang kita..!!

one thing to be noted here that for football in SEA Games, the representing team is not the senior team, but rather will be under 23 years old team (U-23). some players from AFF Cup squad will still be able to play such as new superstars Okto Maniani, Yongki Ari Wibowo, and Irfan Bachdim, since they are under 23 years old.

Irfan and Okto, we will se their actions again in November SEA Games


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