Trip to Jeonju

posting kali ini masi berkisar seputar perjalanan vacation gw ke Korea, salah satu jadwal adalah mengunjungi kota Jeonju, yang kalo ga salah terletak di salah satu propinsi Jeollabuk-do. this Jeonju city has a tourist attraction of Jeonju Hanok Village, which is basically a set of housing complex full of Korean Tradisional houses. More importantly, me and these dua orang gadis manis, went to Jeonju because this is the birthplace of Bibimbap, a traditional Korean cuisine. so dua attraction ini yang menjadi jadwal kami disana

thank God, thanks to the Korea Visit year initiatives, they provides a free shuttle bus from Seoul – Jeonju and then vice versa near the end of the day. hence we did not need to pay some money for the transport..!! The Shuttle Bus was nice and comfy, and the trip from Seoul took about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

comfy free shuttle bus..!!

we arrived at Jeonju and took some pict at the doorstep of Hanok Village Complex

landmark in front of the Hanok Village

overall the view was nice, houses were well maintained and clean, although some of them were not 100% originated from hundreds years ago, I bet some were reconstructed (even built from scratch). the complex itself was considerably quiet, and since the most of the visitor came from countries like Japan or China, I am sure that we were the only three non-East-Asian creatures exists in Jeonju that day.

there was a little hill nearby, and from the top of that hill we were informed we can have the view of overall Hanok Village, OK lah we hiked there, and took some pictures at the top

Hanok Village from the Hill

on our way to the hilltop, demonstrated how young we are

after a tiring sightseeing (well, not that tiring though) it was came the time to have a lunch, and as what I emphasized already at the beginning of the post, we were looking for Jeonju Style Bibimbap, some says it a ‘must try’ cuisine in Korea. I have tried some Bibimbap in home country, Jakarta, but how I am surprised to find out how good Jeounju Bibimbap was.

this is the restaurant, they actually marked it with "Native Restaurant"

Jeonju Bibimbap made me merem melek eating it, DANG GOOD

man, I came from Indonesia that has a very high standard of saying “yes, this is a good food”. We in Indonesia produce a very delicious cuisine like Rendang that is proclaimed to be the most f-ing delicious food in the whole world or Nasi Goreng (fried rice).

my standard definition of ‘delicious’ is also strongly based on my tongue’s response to Rendang or Nasi Goreng, but this Jeounju Bibimbap is definitely worthed to be recognized on the list. Oh man, I was enjoying every tiny bite of it! I do not really understands the ingredients of a Bibimbap, all I know is that lots of various vegetables mixed together with small chunks of marinated beef, and some sauces, and…. WHATEVER LAH…. all I know that it was good, very very good

some pictures from our trip!

have we appeared to be "tourist" enough?

tree with yellow-ish leaves, cannot find these in Indonesia


2 thoughts on “Trip to Jeonju

  1. I will go to seoul next year on fall.. 😀 reading this really helpful.. But I’m still nervous how to use subway.. kekeke I will spend 14 days in myeongdong – Gangnam – busan – jeju – seoul 😀 .

  2. hi,.. have a good time on fall this year!

    no worries for the subway though, it is tourist-friendly.. in fact, all of public transports there are tourist-friendly.
    when in Busan, i would recommend you to pay a visit to Beomeosan Temple, its located at uphill, you will find great views and serenity atmosphere.

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